Baler Twine

                                                                                               The Fine Twine Co. provides products that have become the industry’s standard.  Every bale of twine is coreless and individually wrapped for packing stability and cleanliness.  We guarantee the footage and carry an assortment of knot strength, tensile strength. and colors, to fit all
your baling needs. Our twine won’t rot or create mildew and it resists rodents and most acids.

There are many knot and tensile strenghts available for your baling needs. Other sizes available. Ask for details.

Big Square
350 – 4,000′
440 – 4,000′
High Density products – available in 500 – 700 knot and tensile strengths

Small Square
170 – 9,600′
210 – 9,600′
Other knot and tensile strengths available – call for details

Round Bale
110 – 20,000′ Big Ball
110 – 20,000′ Big Ball Solar Degradable
140 – 20,000′
High Visibility products also available – call for details

We also carry Sisal and Binder twine