Hay Preservative
68% Buffered Proprionic Acid

Preventing Mouldy Hay Using Propionate Preservatives…

BalerPlusLogoBaler Plus is a premium propionic acid preservative for processing high moisture hay, corn, grain, silage, haylage and feed blends. Baler Plus Green is a solution of propionic acid, aqua ammonia, citric acid, surfactants, and colorant. The propionic acid content is 68.0%. Citric Acid has significant benefits when baling high moisture hay. Citric acid imparts a sweeter fragrance to the hay and the hay stays green in color. The hay retains a couple of percent more moisture on drying. Citric Acid allows baling at a higher moisture level than normally recommended.

Baler Plus helps avoid field losses from:
*Plant Respiration – Shorter drying time in the field makes plant respiration more efficient, forming less water and carbon dioxide from plant sugars/
*Rain Damage – Less drying time in the field reduces chance of rain damage
*Harvesting Operations – Baling at higher moisture levels increases the quality and quantity of hay by increasing the amount of leaves harvested

Silo Guardsilo-guard
Because silo guard works day 1…
• Oxygen is eliminated
• Fermentation starts sooner
• Prevents mold and yeast growth
• More quality nutrients are retained



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Preventing Mouldy Hay Using Propionate Preservatives…