Do you know the moisture of your hay?

Finally a moisture meter that gives accurate, reliable results!! The Gazeeka 870 uses microwave technology to accurately measure the moisture of hay. Far more accurate and reliable than stick probes or in-chamber probes, the Gazeeka even spray paints the bale so you know where the moisture is.

Stop guessing!! Know your moisture now!


Gazeeka Moisture Meter Benefits:
• Measures moisture completely through the bale
• Isolates potential wet spots as you bale
• Spray paints location where moisture is high
• Moisture meter accurate within 0.5% comported to Dairyland Labs oven dry samples
• Bale without stopping to check moisture levels
• Displays: Instantaneous, Maximum (Peak) and Average moisture
• Microwave technology from mining industry
• Far more accurate and reliable than conductivity measurements
• Calibrated for cereal hay, alfalfa, and grass hay

The two antennae are mounted on the baler so as to analyze the hay bale as it exits the baler. The LCD moisture display unit is mounted in the tractor cabin, providing updates every few seconds. The unit also has an audible alarm for high and low moisture levels.

• Ability to control the flow to suit the mass flow rate of the hay
• Produces an Alarm on inaccurate flow (and blocked jet)
• Self-flushing nozzles
• Measures the actual flow rate not the pressure
• Complete control within tractor cab
• Designed to use “Hay Guard” preservative
• Accurate flow meter
• LCD and keypad provides access to setup parameters


We have two used Gazeekas in our warehouse!  Call for details